Griffith Foods – Creating Better Together

Savoury seasonings for snacks, crisps, nuts, popcorn, extruded snacks, pellets, bread sticks, bread crisps. Binding batter and coating systems – predusts, adhesive batters, tempura batters, rusk, crumbs, panko breadings (various colors and added flavors with inclusions), Griffith Foods has wide experience with QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), Culinary, Catering, Pizza Meats, Sous Vide, Seasonings, Ready sauces, liquid, dry and concentrated spice mixes, dips, marinades and sauces in sachets and pillow packs for QSR or industrial pack drums and IBCs. Private label possible.

Jeneil BioProducts – Created by Unique BioTechnology

Natural EMC Cheese, Butter and Cream concentrates, Natural Dairy Flavors in pumpable paste, powder form, Vegan Concentrated flavors (Cream, Sour Cream, Butter, Cream Cheese, Mozarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, Emmenthaler, Gouda Type) and cost optimized powders.

Haco Swiss - From Food Ideas to Great Success

Hydrolysed Vegetable Proteins (HVPs), Umami tastes, natural taste enhancers. Chicken, Beef, Pork, Bacon, Smoke and Grilled flavors for fresh and processed meat, dips, sauces, marinades. Gyros, hamburger, sausage, chicken nuggets, vegan burgers etc…
Coffees - Instant Coffee spray, freeze dried, liquid concentrated, coffee extracts. Arabica, Robusta and blends. Hi quality Arabica coffees with origin Peru Rain Forest, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Mexico etc.) Supply also Fair Trade, UTZ etc. Private label possible.

C&P Additives

Binding systems, Phosphate replacers, Transglutaminase and Specialized Enzymes, Salt Reducers, Fat Replacers, Shelf life extenders, Color Stabilizers, Smoked Spices. Transglutaminases modify the protein structure in protein systems and provide a better binding of meat, water and meat juices, whey etc, and contribute a better texture, structure and viscosity. Enzymes are not declared as ingredients as they are deactivated in the heating and cooling process, are not present in the final product and are considered processing aids. They improve the flavor, sweetness and texture of products. Further activities can be seen on their Some excellent video clips in Media - Video.

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Van Wankum Ingredients -No Compromise on Quality & Service

Sweeteners Sucralose and Stevia RA-98% in powder and granular form, Erythritol, Yeast Beta-Glucan, Xylo-Oligosaccharides (Sources of Probiotics and Dietary Fibres), highest quality from the largest producers of sweeteners.

Kuendig GmbH

Dehydrated air dried, freeze-dried, spray dried in various granulations Onion, Garlic, Chillies Herbs, Vegetables, dill, carrot, red and green peppers, jalapeno pepper, mushroom.

Herza – Chocnology

Chocolate drops, chunks, pieces and inclusions bake stable different sizes and cocoa content, compounds, inclusions with different colors for bakery, confectionary, desserts and ice cream.

Hydrosol - The Stabiliser People
Stabilizer blends for processed meats and sauces. Organic Acids, “Clean Label” preservatives and buffered vinegar for increased shelf life in poultry, meat and sausage products and seafoods.

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